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Welcome to the "Face of Forgiveness." People often ask, "What does the Face of Forgiveness look like?" The  Reverend Dr. Johannes J. Christian who experienced a life-changing accident often says it is decision. It is one's belief and personal strength of determination that shape how we live. The changes you make in your  own world everyday can inspire you to step away from your ego and not take things personally. Forgiveness keeps you in touch with your environment. The life the Dr. Christian lives shows everyone that forgiveness starts within one's self and will ultimately bring you grace and understanding.

Here more about Dr. Johannes J. Christians upcoming
mission trip to Belize.


This will be a mission that shares what the "Face of Forgiveness"  can do for you. 
Also known as the Forgiveness Doctor catch the rev. Dr. Johannes J. Christians weekly internet Radio program on blogtalkradio where he shares his insight and opinions on ideas and topics that shape the world we live in and how forgiveness can make a difference. 

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"Diplomacy Brings Forgiveness and Peace"

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